Day: June 12, 2020

The Pros and Cons Of SMSF

The Pros and Cons Of SMSF

Do you think you could have beaten the negative returns that the huge bulk of heavyweight incredibly funds tape-recorded over the past year? You are not alone if your answer is yes.

A popular approach of saving for retirement is through a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund which enables people to directly manage and manage how their retirement savings are invested. There are, however, a significant number of rules and regulations that govern SMSFs which in-turn places a lot of obligation on anybody running an SMSF and for that reason may not be suitable for everyone.


Prior to establishing an SMSF, you must carefully compare their possible benefits and downsides. Here are pros and cons of SMSF:



Being both the trustee and member implies you will be more familiar with how your very cash is invested and the performance of those financial investments. This would not hold true with Market or Retail Super Funds where, due to their size, investment performance is aggregated and not launched until lots of months down the track.


You are permitted in between 1- 4 members in the fund. Members funds can be pooled together to share investments/assets or they can be allocated to a particular member within the fund.


You will pay a flatter cost structure, unlike industry/retail funds that charge a percentage of the fund balance. If fund balance is less than $200,000), the higher your fund balance the cheaper the fund ends up being in comparison to an industry/retail fund (Industry/retail funds are usually less expensive.

Control Over Style and Operation

As members are typically the trustees of the fund, you have a degree of control over the guidelines of the fund and how it operates. For instance, the fund can run both build-up and pension stages. Particular rules about the payment of benefits can also be presented, for example, restricting when a child can commute a pension.

More Flexibility to Invest

With an SMSF, you and any other members can pick from a variety of assets to invest in. As long as your investment possession passes the sole-purpose test, and your SMSF stays compliant with the ATO, you will have much more versatility in your investment options.

Investment choice

SMSFs offer a larger range of financial investment options compared to other superannuation funds. With some limited exceptions, an SMSF can buy virtually anything providing that this also fulfils the sole purpose test and sticks to the guidelines. This includes investing in direct property.



All decisions and duties associated with managing the fund rest with you as trustee. As a trustee, you’re responsible for making sure the fund meets all legal requirements on time – so you require to keep up-to-date.


Looking into suitable financial investment paths takes a great deal of time. Running the SMSF is a continuously appealing affair given that you must keep tabs on your investment’s efficiency.

Living overseas

Most of an SMSF’s members must permanently live within Australia. If you mean to move overseas completely or make contributions to your fund while living overseas this might make your fund non-compliant with the law. 

Financial Investment Knowledge Required

For SMSF members without a background in financing and tax, setting up and handling an SMSF can be rather a challenge. Poor decision making might lead to legal and financial repercussions, particularly in matters of tax.


For funds with less than about $150,000 in net possessions, there can be extra costs associated with SMSF’s, nevertheless, as soon as a crucial mas balance has been reached, there can be considerable savings in having your money in your own SMSF when compared to other funds.

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