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Fast Food Toys Are Cool!

Have you ever done a big clean up and found lots of old toys? Maybe in your shed, garage or roof? One of the most endearing toys that people have fond memories is those free kids toys that you got for free at McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Hungry Jacks, Red Rooster, KFC and the like. There have been so many good toys over the years from these chains.

Yes, they have gone up and down in quality over the years. Some might say that these peaked years, or even decades ago. My personal favourite is the McDonald’s Changeables – the little transforming food toys from the late 1980s. These were really cool, it was like getting a free Transformers toy with your meal! Truly too good to throw away like other junk.

Generally, McDonald’s is known for having the best Happy Meal Toys of all the chains, some of the best are the ones that include Pokemon toys with trading cards! How cool are those? Burger King has also had really good toys in the past with Pokemon and Nintendo as well, but both of these chains have had toys from these companies.

It’s weird that KFC actually stopped giving away free toys with their meals. It seems marketing to kids is a little questionable and KFC wanted to remove themselves from that. One thing that’s quite cool now in modern times is there is often two toy choices at once – one mostly for boys and another mostly for girls. You gotta keep an open mind here though, as not everyone wants the toys aimed at their gender.

What was your favourite fast food toy growing up? Do you still collect them today? Well, a lot of people overseas were quite lucky in 2019 when there was an anniversary set of rereleased vintage toys. That’s really cool. 

I certainly hope that McDonald’s and the other chains all keep doing kids toys forever. They’re actually great. Gives you something for them to play with whilst you’re trying to sit down, relax and enjoy your meal. Collecting a whole set is also fun. It gives you a way to persuade your kids or no fast food for dinner next week! Keep them hanging on all week and reward them with a fatty meal and a cool toy.